Best Foundation For Sensitive Skins

Skin sensitivity is what a lot of women can relate to and finding the best Light weight Makeup foundation for such skin can be a pain in the ass.

They have tried different skin care products most of which never really yielded the anticipated results. To be very precise, they have tried and used different make up foundations for their Skin and yet no visible difference, but only for their skin condition to deteriorate instead!
But herein could be the problem; I do mean sometimes the skin care products may be the issue. It may not be suited for the skin where unto it is been applied. But on the contrary, the skin care products being used may, in fact, be innocent. So when a skin has been observed to be sensitive, there is a need for special care and attention. Care for the skin may well be helping to manage a sensitive skin. Suffice to know also that it can prepare and make ready the skin for makeups that are sure to give the best results.

 How to Care for a Sensitive Skin Both Oily and Dry

Personal Hygiene:This is not to be taken with levity. Often times a sensitive skin abhors dust and dirt. At some other times, oil. Neither of the two should be found of a sensitive skin, hence the need for some thorough and regular washing. You probably have heard it umpteen times that it isn’t a good practice going to bed with a makeup. But somehow, people still woke up today with the makeup of yesterday. Now it is something for personal hygiene and as such no matter what type of liquid or powder foundation make you use for your Sensitive skin, you might not get the desired result.
 Developing the right attitude:A sound sleep has it own way of regenerating the skin because it allows for the skin to breathe (seeing ideally the skin during the night hours should be free of any makeup that could possibly block the free flow of air in and out of the skin). Also, forming the right eating habit through the eating of  fruits and vegetables could help to keep the skin soft and succulent. Vitamin C and E are especially advised to be contained in most meals, seeing they are excellent antioxidants.
Stick to your cleansing routine:If it is two times daily you want to wash your skin, stick to that. The cleansing process can be done by bathing with warm water and soap. Foundation and Sensitive Skin care experts have found mild soaps to be gentle on the skin so they might want to be your bet.
Choose your skin care products wisely:Or perhaps you feel you are not qualified to do so, please consult your dermatologist. More also, trial and error are often not advisable when using skin care products. Do your due diligence to find the skin care product including the Best Foundation for Sensitive Skins that best suits your skin care and stick to it.
Avoid scratching and touching the face regularly:With or without a sensitive skin, reaching for your skin, most especially your face is not some good practice. Keeping this habit will only irritate the skin as well spreading dirt which may even cause some further damages to the skin. Foundation is often applied on the skin for gentleness, radiance, beauty, protection and sometimes as moisturizers. Up there you got some do- it-yourself ways for taking care of your sensitive skin. 
So what this simply mean is that the skin is now ready for a makeup. Classic in the making-up process is the foundation. However, some foundation were particularly made for sensitive skins. These foundations have been certified for use. They have been tested and trusted. Therefore, I am to presenting to you my carefully selected list of some of the best foundation for sensitive skins.

 Best Foundation for Sensitive Skin

1.       Aveeno Positively radiant CC cream broad spectrum SPF 30
You can trust that Aveeno is one foundation that is made for your sensitive skin; it is the still the same that was specially made for you. It certainly is no coincidence that this cream tops on my list of the best foundation for sensitive skin.  It is the best foundation cream recommended for oily skins and Skins with Acne.

This cream will correct, protect and enhance the radiance of your skin thus leaving you with only a beautiful skin. It is that one foundation that is altogether oil- free, hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic.

2.       Aqua Balance Makeup
This is a liquid  foundation solution for sensitive skin. If you use this foundation on your skin, first you will observe it is oil-free. It then moisturizes your skin while regulating skin shine.
Another of its feature for which it is being sorted after is that it does not cause acne or clog pores–only a smooth and beautiful skin. Truly, aqua balance is yet another treatment that has been made exclusively for those with very sensitive  skins.
3.       CoverGirl Clean Makeup
 This foundation particularly allows the skin to exfoliate. What this means in a simple term is that the skin will be available for fresh air that will keep it naturally succulent. CoverGirl minimizes skin irritation. More so, it is oil-free and as well hypoallergenic.
 4. Unique Pore
Refining Solutions As well unique pore refining solutions just have to make my list. This is one of the  best foundation for treatment of sensitive skins. This foundation treats and hides zits while reducing the visibility of lines and pores. The salicylic acid it contains helps to firm the skin thus keeping bacteria in check.  It is the most recommended best foundation for sensitive Dry Skin
5. Dior DiorSkin Nude Natural Glow Hydration Makeup
There is no way I could have left DoorSkin off my list of the best foundation for sensitive skin.
DoorSkin is best suited for dry skins. It is light and gentle on the skin. The DoorSkin is one perfect
foundation that gives a glow alongside a nice texture.
Chances are that your own best foundation for sensitive skin did not make my list. Please, we would like to have them through the comment box. Thank you