Best Foundation For Mature Skin

Of recent, we have been getting several questions from people who are 40,50 and 60 years old asking us the best foundation both cream and powder that can be used on their skin so as to have a radiant and attractive skin.  
 During my research on the best foundation cream for mature skin, I met several women who I think also need to change the foundation of their skin, while some of these women have a Dry skin, others have an oily skin, but they both have some sort of wrinkles or visible lines on their skin which can be attributed to their ageing Process.
So below are the five best foundation for mature skin. But applying any foundation on your skin, kindly ensure that you use a Primer First. The primer covers the stays between your skin and the foundation you are putting and also makes it more radiant.

Best Foundation For Mature Oily and Dry Skin

We all have different skin characteristics, while some have Dry skins, others have an Oily Skin and as such, it is important for me to tell you that People with dry skins should kindly go for foundations that are creamy and lighter while those with Oily Skin should ensure that any foundation they are using is Oil Free. More also, from experience, I have discovered that during the Winter, my skin tends to be more dry and as such I use Creamy foundations and vice versa During Summer, SO the period of the year in which we are can also influence the type of Foundation for mature skins.
The key things you need to consider with choosing an anti-ageing foundation for mature skin are texture and light – anything too matte and full coverage will age the skin as it gives a flattening effect. So it’s important to use light-reflecting products with a dewy, fresh finish.

5 Best Anti Ageing Foundation For Mature Skin

Here are the best foundation creams in the market, please note that several criteria including the ingredients and Cost of these Foundation was considered before putting up this list. Pls do let us know if there is any foundation for mature skin that you think ought to make our list and is not here via the comment box, we will be glad to add it.

Revlon ColorStay Whipped Creme

This is the number one best full coverage foundation cream for mature skin we will recommend for anybody over 40. It’s so common in this part of the world, you hardly visit any home with women of about 40-60 years of age without seeing this mature foundation cream in there make up kit and that’s because it works. Revlon works all day even in summer and on their oily T-zones.

Lancome Renergie Lift Makeup SPF 20

This is a fantastic medium weight foundation cream for mature creams that doesn’t  split into lines and removes all imperfection on skins.Unlike other foundation creams in the market, One of the constituent of  Lancome is SPF, a special ingredient which is essential for all ageing creams.


 LA MER The treatment Crème Foundation


The only word I can use in describing this anti-ageing Foundation Cream is “Perfect”. It works best on dry skin, you can read about it here

Boots No7 Dual Action Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15

Just as the Name clearly states, it’s  a Tinted Foundation cream for mature skins. For those who don’t know what tinted creams are, they are creams that tend to be sheer. If you have clear skin, a tinted moisturizer may be all you need, especially in warmer months.

Clinique Almost Powder Makeup

This is a classic. We know what you’re thinking: isn’t powder foundation the natural enemy of mature skin? Well, set your mind at ease, because it isn’t. Almost Powder gives you the most perfectly airbrushed skin of your life, gliding over fine lines and hiding pores without leaving you looking like a powdered doughnut. It’s a miracle, and we are HERE for those!

If you know any other Foundation for Mature Skins that you think should be added to this, kindly tell us Via the Comment Box and we will be glad to add it to our List